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Employee Benefits


Improve your ability to attract and retain talent by reviewing and comparing employee benefit programs.

Employee Handbooks


An update-to-date, legal handbook is essential for all businesses to communicates policies, benefits and work standards to all employees in a single document. 

Grateful Synergies can audit your current handbook or develop a customized handbook to ensure your content is current, relevant and required

Employee Orientation & On-Boarding Programs


Did you know that a successful onboarding program may help prevent employee turnover for 1 in 4 new hires? A successful onboarding program is a critical factor in helping new employees develop a productive, lasting relationship with your organization. 

Form I-9 Audits


In 2018, ICE I-9 Audits increased by 400%. Completing the Form I-9 properly is the most important aspect of immigration compliance. When done correctly, your completed I-9 forms are your best proof of compliance—and your key defense against government fines and lawsuits. 

Exit Interview Programs


Ever wonder if you’re getting honest feedback when you conduct an exit interview? Employees may be more willing to communicate to someone outside of your organization.

Grateful Synergies’ can train you to conduct objective, independent exit interviews to help you identify areas for improvement as well as recognize areas of strength.

HR Audit/Compliance Assessment


Many companies don’t recognize the vital role of Human Resources until a crisis occurs. Grateful Synergies recommends performing a comprehensive assessment of your human resource department, an HR audit, to determine the current level of compliance as a starting point for managing the HR function.